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Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 4: War, Peace, and Espionage

A small, unmanned plane, equipped with what appear to be high-altitude cameras, crashed in central Brocoland. Brocoland’s Council of Scientists notified The Rock’s government. The Rock, in line with its historical policy of maintaining global neutrality, and in an effort to protect itself from accusation, notified the world about the plane crash. 

The Queen of Kittissippi claimed ownership of the plane and demanded its immediate return. Kittissippi announced they were using the plane to track a group of fugitive mice and to observe local bird migratory patterns.

The world knew that Kittissippi often sells its intelligence services to other countries. Who could have secretly been looking at Brocoland?

Adding to the international tension, the world had its first casualty of global climate change. Three days earlier, the world powers came to an agreement on climate change and limiting marker usage (because marker usage contributes to global warming, of course), but the countries did not enforce the limits they set. The Rock felt the effects and lost a significant amount of their coast to the ocean's bottomless depths. The clock continued to tick ever so steadily for The Rock and the world's coastlines.

The major powers also held the first global conference on war. The countries were given time within their delegations to make proposals on issues related to war and peace. 

The first proposal came from the one country without a military: Anyone's Land. They proposed that all countries disband their troops.

Each country was given 90 seconds to come up with a vote. Some countries displayed their lack of effective governance structures, especially when leaders within countries disagreed with one another.Eventually, this proposal failed 3-1. The only support came from Anyone's Land.

The second proposal came from Teen Land, which proposed what sounded like a global war. This proposal also failed 3-1, with Teen Land voting against its own proposal. The 3rd Graders voted for war.

The First Global Summit on War

Tiger then proposed a resolution. A 1st grader raised her hand and said: "Peace is good." The countries unanimously adopted this value statement.

Perhaps emboldened by the passage of Tiger's proposal, Anyone's Land proposed the establishment of an international court of war, with The Rock as the judge, to force those who would declare war into involuntary servitude to the world.This proposal failed 3-1, with support only from Anyone's Land. However, one of The 3rd Graders dissented from his delegation and wanted the world to know he supported creating a war court.

Only minutes later, The 3rd Graders dispatched three ships and three armies toward Kittissippi, revealing that they had made a secret agreement with Kittissippi for intelligence on Brocoland, but that the deal had not gone well.

Teen Land, after revealing and publicly apologizing for spying on their people's phone calls and emails, announced that they shut down their domestic spying program. Teen Land also announced a military alliance with Anyone's Land.

Anyone's Land, after making their own public apology for dumping chemicals in a stream that caused physical mutations of some of their citizens, continued their national strategy of selling off supplies and saving money.

Tiger sent a ship and an army in the direction of Anyone's Land... or maybe they were headed for Brocoland....

Tiger also seemed to have made some type of censorship agreement with a few other countries.

And so, on the day the world agreed that peace is good, militaries were on the move, the world was on edge, and the planet seemed to be a less peaceful place. Perhaps the next day would see greater unity as the world powers were slated to compete at the global Olympics.

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