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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Media Notice - This Summer, Kids Will Rule the World

Contact: Elad Gross


This Summer, Kids Will Rule the World

At the Education Exchange Corps 2015 Summer Leadership Academy, children will lead multiple countries in an immersive, challenging, and fun global simulation game.
ST. LOUIS, MO May 28, 2015—What happens when kids rule the world? The Education Exchange Corps will find out this summer!
The Education Exchange Corps is holding its 2015 Summer Leadership Academy in the Hyde Park neighborhood in the City of St. Louis to give kids space to lead, reflect, and learn through an immersive experience placing children in charge of the world for three weeks.
As the leaders of multiple countries, students will have to determine how they will govern, what their national strategy should be, and whether they should cooperate with other countries run by other students. These young leaders will face global events threatening world stability and domestic demands from their constituents, and they will have to decide how to prioritize.
“This is a world full of possibility,” said Elad Gross, President and CEO of the Education Exchange Corps. “We want to empower children now so they can fully appreciate their own capabilities and take that spark back to the classroom with them at the end of a fun summer.”
The Education Exchange Corps will also partner with local organizations to further immerse kids in dealing with global issues. ITEN, an entrepreneur support organization, will lend their expertise to students. "We are excited to show kids ways they can use technology and entrepreneurship as part of their leadership experience," said Linh Nguyen, Network Relationship Coordinator for ITEN.
The Summer Leadership Academy will start on July 6 and go until July 24, from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM on weekdays. The program is hosted by Most Holy Trinity School and Academy at 1435 Mallinckrodt Street.
The Education Exchange Corps is looking for both full- and part-time volunteers to help run the program and teach. To get involved, contact Elad at, or visit
The Education Exchange Corps ( is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing underserved children with better educational opportunities. Since 2008, the EEC has worked with over 2000 children and 200 volunteers in the City of St. Louis. Volunteers have served as summer teachers at EEC Summer Academies and part-time teaching assistants in classrooms during the regular school year.
ITEN ( provides a foundational system for entrepreneurs to work together towards building strong startups and a vibrant tech ecosystem. ITEN provides unique programs, events and access to resources that accelerate tech venture success.