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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Letter from Chief College Readiness Officer Kielah Harbert

We are happy to announce that Kielah Harbert has joined the EEC team as our Chief College Readiness Officer. Kielah is the Founder and Director of Above&Beyond.

Kielah came up with the idea for this program while she was starting to go through the college application process herself. She is a graduate of Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, a public school in St. Louis City. Now, she attends Washington University, where she hopes to use her education to find ways to make a difference in her community and beyond. We are happy to help her do so. And what makes this particularly exciting for me is that Kielah was a former student of mine when she was in high school.

Without further ado, here's Kielah:

My name is Kielah Harbert and I currently attend Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. I, along with Elad Gross, created Above&Beyond in the hopes of helping students with the college application process.  However, a major concern that precedes the college application process is high school. Many people focus on applying to college but not what comes before, which is how to become the best candidate for any college, including those with prestige. A crucial aspect of our program is helping students at any age level because it’s never too soon to learn about college. Our services expand to parents and teachers alike in the hopes of creating a united support system around each individual student in the program. We aim to help students on an academic level while also offering support for them in their everyday lives. Above&Beyond is for any student, including the student who was never asked what college they wanted to attend or their career aspirations. It is for the student who wants to succeed, but is not sure how. My own success is attributed to my dedication along with college access programs such as LEDA and College Bound; without them I would not be where I am today. We hope Above&Beyond can join the college access revolution.

Kielah Harbert
Founder and Director of Above&Beyond
Chief College Readiness Officer
Education Exchange Corps

Washington University in St. Louis '18

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