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Monday, April 29, 2013

Board Meeting: Our First Hire and Logo Redesign

The EEC is here for St. Louis, and we want you to be involved. So from here on out, we're going to be publishing a summary of our board meetings soon after we have them.

New Hirings
The EEC is proud to announce that we have hired our first Chief Financial Officer: Sam Golembieski! Sam is a graduate of Santa Clara University and he has years of experience in accounting.

He also volunteered as an EEC member last summer where he taught a woodworking class and courageously faced an ill-boding table saw during prep work in my basement. Sam also appears in our Game of Thrones video for this summer.

The EEC also hired Elad Gross, its President (and the guy writing this post), as its first Chief Executive Officer.

Logo Redesign Project
The board is also exploring a change to the logo and color scheme for the organization. I know you're all IN LOVE with the original design (seen at the top of this blog site), but it might be time to move on. If you are interested in helping with this project, feel free to contact us at We may soon open it up as a logo design contest.

We're still looking for volunteers for our summer program! Sign up today at

Posted by Elad Gross, President of the Education Exchange Corps

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